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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A few thoughts for the week...

Hi all,

Just a quick Wednesday post this week, while I prepare future articles (I like to be prepared!) So, today I'm going to just plant a few seeds with some things that I've been pondering!

First up- why did Wargames fall into the habit of You-Go-I-Go ? Years ago, various games experimented with different sequences for player turns, but most now seem to operate on the same turn-based system. I don't know if this is the best way of working, or if it is simply the easiest from a designer/user point of view. Maybe something using Initiative could work ..... ? 

Next- what's the best scale to play in? I know that 28mm is the most popular- how much is that due to it being the most common from suppliers? I use 6mm on occasion, 1/72 scale for Historical gaming and 28mm for Skirmish style games. Personally, I think that here is something to be said for all of them- but what if Warhammer Fantasy used 1/72 scale models? Could it work for a 40K style ruleset- it would certainly make Mech more affordable (and with more detailed tank kits!)

Jakk's also recently picked up 2 new rulesets: Future War Commander and Hail Ceaser. This is the main reason thereas no "painting table" article yesterday (for those keeping track) since I've been digging out all my Celts and Epic Eldar ready for painting. Then Jakk just has to build new tables and scenery.... If we ever get these rulesets off the ground, I'll be sure to post about them. Suffice to say, there are already rules I love from both systems, and I'm eager to try them out :)

Finally, and not really related, Waterstone's has a 3-4-2 offer on, which means that my reading time is eating (once again) into Blogging time. Under the Eagle (Simon Scarrow) and Game of Thrones are both waiting for, and I've just finished Age of Darkness- this is definitely worthy of a Bill Hicks "Quick Capsule Review."

So yes- more rules-perspectives questions to ponder, and even some modelling questions to consider. Plus I get to play some new games! Should be a good couple of months. 

At this point, I'll open up the floor- anything anyone wants me to talk about? Any articles/conversations you'd like to see on All Areas? If so- Leave a comment :)

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