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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Question to the Readers

Hi all,

It appears that I have a fairly pleasant problem to solve. You see, I find myself with too many topics to discuss. Whenever I sit down to write anything, all of the ideas flow into one, amorphous blob of typing-vomit, and that's a bad thing. So, I am hoping that all of you reading this will be able to help! I have put a poll up, with a series of posts that I am planning. The poll will run for a week, and whichever topics have the most votes will be the areas I will concentrate my time and efforts- there's no point writing something which no-one will read, after all.

So no strategy article today. I am working on a philosophy article regarding armour in wargames for Wednesday (thanks Marcin for the inspiration on this topic!) and being as the Twist articles have suddenly jumped up in the rankings, I may well do something for the Dark Eldar. After this week- well, All Areas will be securely into month 2, and I'm still evaluating all the feedback I've received so far so that I can focus more- something which the poll will (hopefully) help with! One thing that will definitely stay is the idea of looking into the core principles of wargames, and how they can be evolved by us as wargamers.

One interesting comment I received was that I should be "more controversial" (in this case, meaning nerdrage and invective.) I don't know how many agree or disagree with this sentiment, and I certainly can tell that it works as a tactic to increase Followers and Hits. So I thought I'd take a few moments to respond- I am deliberately restrained in my language on All Areas, for a few reasons. Primarily, I don't believe that swearing is necessary to emphasize a point (something Ron at From the Warp, I know, agrees with.) Secondly, I get as wound up by things as the next man- I just don't think that I need to inflict any rage/anger/hate on anyone good enough to read something I type. That's why I tend to write posts a week in advance- so that I can try to make them as community-friendly as possible. That being said, There will probably be some "controversial" points of view which appear here, in the sense that I don't hold with the proscribed Meta-game shared by the rest of the Internet :)

Right, that's enough waffle for now. A quick note- I'll be with family from 6th June to 12th June. I don't foresee any problems occurring with getting posts up, but just in case I thought I'd mention it in advance- apologies if service gets interrupted (like it has been in the last week ;) )

So- poll to help me out (please!) and leave any comments you like- I do, after all, read them all with interest!

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