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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Best of the Web This Week 22/5/11

Hi all, 

A bit of humour to warm everyone up...

Well, this week started off with news that I'm sure you are all aware of:
  • Games Workshop announced their Resin Finecast range, and the latest prices rises with it
  • Then news broke about the "Embargo" on foreign trade by GW
In all honesty, I was starting to get a little concerned about all this, until GW released a response to all of the letters and e-mails later in the week
It might have taken a while, but at least it doesn't go against my post last week about GW's philosophy!

I'm not going to comment on this subject at any length- the one piece of advice I have to all the readers in the Antipodes is find someone in Europe who will buy GW product for you and then pay for the postage yourself. Not ideal, but maybe workable.

Right, now that's out of the way :)

Ron's been busy over at From the Warp- 
  • Talking about the best way to build and paint a Drop Pod. (Wish I'd read this before I started painting mine a few weeks ago!)
  • Talking about how to paint Freehand on models
  • Finally, talking about how to pull off the Glowing Eyes effect
Some more painting talk from Nicolai Nielsen, as he finally settles on a colour scheme for his Dark Eldar

The last bit on putting brush to plastic :) RavenGuard85 reviews the "7 Day Army Painter"

RebelGrot has advice for anyone using a Camera (I found this useful at least!)

Aaron Aelong talks a little about event organising, and BlackBlowFly gives us a few ideas on creating scenarios for them

Over at House of Paincakes, there was an interesting take on different types of gamer

I discovered "Game Over"- check it out!

Also have a look over at Statues of War, and...

Rounding off- Fritz is getting ready for tournaments with Tyranids, Kirby's trying to fix Tanks in 40K, there's some good general advice for Bloggers over at N++, and this months Army List Challenge ended over on Warpstone Flux- check it out to see who won.

So even with all the discussion about GW's business decision making, it's still been a week of good posts and entertainment in the Blogosphere!

That's it for another week! Oh, OK, a quick video to play you out...

Thanks all- comments are welcome here, or even better comment on their sites!

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