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Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday Update

Hi all,

Just a quick update for you today, before the weekend. On the hobby front, the Undead are almost ready for Wednesday- just a little flock and some movement trays to go. I'll be sure to take photos and write up a report of the game (I think at the moment it's 12000 pts a side, 4 generals a side) but I will say now that some of the players have unpainted armies!

In other news, I played what will likely be my last game of 40K 5th Ed on Thursday. It was a 1500 pts pick up game against Grey Knights. I'm not going to bring a report of the game- it wasn't a bad GK list in honesty (lots of Guard) but it played out exactly as you'd expect- I used a Kor'Sarro outflank list on a 4'*4' table, boxed him in and at the end of the game it was a draw (we were playing 1 objective each), although we did end on turn 4 due to time, he had 1 unit 20" from my objective (which was defended) and I had 15 Marines and 2 Rhinos 10" from his objective....

I'm cracking on painting up the Kador units from the Warmachine starter box, and to be honest I'm enjoying the break. I'm hoping to give this another crack later in the year, and I want 2 painted forces for when that happens...

A few quick mentions to other blogs out there-

Frontline Gamer has been doing lots of giveaways for his followers:) Here's the latest one- go, become a follower, his articles are worth it.

BoLS had one of the most interesting articles I've read in a while about prices on the wargaming circuit

Fritz is trying out new tactics for 40K- I'm looking forward to what he comes up with for the Xenos races in 40K 6th Ed

There's this news from Mantic about their Tournament next year

And of course, something is coming on the 23rd from GW. No, I'm not going to talk about rumours or here say about 6th Ed 40K- when it comes, I'll read the book with everyone else, and try to say something original on here.

I'm a bit light on the posts at the moment, until I find out what's happening with the HoP Idol 2 contest (I'm trying to save some material in case I need it), but I will be posting over the weekend. The rest of my time is going to be spent tweaking the blog- some of the bits on here have got a bit unwieldy, so I'm looking at expanding the blogrolls, adding links and key words, expanding the search bar at the top and grouping articles in series and so on. it's a lot of work, and a little dull, but I think it needs to be done to stop All Areas getting clunky.

So that's it for tonight- happy weekend gaming!

Comments, as always, are welcome


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