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Monday, 11 June 2012

A bit of Charity, then Painting...

The Vampire Counts, almost done
Hi all,

I was going to do a straight painting update today, but first of all- the guys who brought us the Stormwardens project and the Battle for Armageddon return again this year with the Black Crusade. This is a charity fund raising event (this time for the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund). It's quite simple, for each $ you donate, you get a raffle ticket for each of the prize draws. I'm a big fan of the work these guys do each year, and once again I'll be supporting- so go onto the website, donate and good luck!

OK, on to the painting update. well, the Vampire's are almost done with 10 days to go. All that remains to do are a few repairs, shields, movement trays and a little basing, so I'm confident that they'll be ready on time.

I also re-appraised my project log. Basically, I keep 1 large carry case with all of my painting projects in it- when one is complete, I replace it with another. Like many of you (I'm guessing!) I have a huge backlog of unpainted miniatures, which is far too daunting to tackle, so I break it down into smaller pieces. It means that I get a sense of achievement each time I finish a foam tray, and that allows me to go out and buy some new models (I do keep myself on a tight leash nowadays!

So right now I've got the Eldar back in the case, the remains of my Space Marine army, LotR Dwarves and the Warmachine starter set, as well as the ongoing Dark Eldar project. Right now I'm painting the Khador troops, mainly because I've never painted Warmachine figures before, and also because I haven't painted red in long time, so it makes a nice change.

A final piece of news before the pictures- there's a few new blogs out there.

  • Ignatum has moved, with a few other guys, to Insane Heroism, which has a whole range of authors and plans to bring us regular updates.
  • Simon has finally started blogging at Wakedean Warriors
Without further ado- grainy pictures of Vampires (sorry, it's been raining, so back to indoor photos!)

The Infantry blocks
The Vampire Triumvirate
Skelly Spear Horde
Grave Guard
First Skelly Block
Second Skelly Block
Ghouls, from back in the day when they skirmished
Finally, the Zombies
The Support section
Banshee and Necromancers
Spirit Hosts
Corpse Cart
Mortis Engine
The Cavalry Wing
Dire Wolves
..some more Dire Wolves
Black Knights
Fell Bats
... and some more Dire Wolves

So that's the state of play for the Vamps- not bad for 2 months work! Plus, I do believe that it is my first ever Warhammer Fantasy army fully painted (only took me 26 years!) There's still a bit of work to do, but I'm fairly happy with the way they've turned out, especially getting the new models to tie in to the figs that were painted years ago!

Finally, because a change is as good as a rest, here's some pics of the first Khador Engine I've been having a crack at...

I need to do a bit more work on the metals and the armour plates, then battle damage him up. I must say though that these guys are surprisingly fun to paint.

That's it for this post- remember to support the Black Crusade!

Comments, as always, are welcome.

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