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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

What's on my Painting Table? 17/05/11

2000 points of Marines- based, and half of them are painted!

Hi all,

Well, this week has been fairly constructive painting-wise. I've managed to batter out a fair few Marines, and finish up a few old projects that have been kicking around in storage for longer than I care to remember.

First up the Marines- these guys are all painted the same way:

Bone basecoat spray (using the Army Painter sprays) followed by an Army Painter medium dip.

Details applied (bone on the eagles, metals are tin-bits and boltgun drybrush, weapon casing s are all black), green or red eyes depending on the models, then red and yellow for cloth, and sundry washes are applied (heavy use on Gryphon Sepia). Once all the finishing touches are put on, they get an anti-shine varnish and the bases are painted, then they are ready to go.

Here's a few pics:

This is everything that's finished and ready to go so far

Tactical Squad 1, with Rhino

Ironclad Dreadnought

Assault Squad

Combat Squad 1

Full Tactical Squad 2

More of Tac 2

Bike Squad

More of the Bike Suad

Captain on Bike
Captain on Bike

Terminator Squad

The work so far on the Land Raider

These were painted a while back, but being as I dug them out I thought I'd share them with you. It's a motley crew of Mutants, that I picked up (already painted) second hand years ago. They've been everything from RPG badguys, to Specialist game gangs, test models for new rules and at 1 point, a Conscript Platoon.

The full collection

The Big Guys

The little guys

More of the little'uns

The faceless
Sultry spearmen

 I also dipped some more LotR figures from my Corsiars and Easterlings, so they are ready to game with now


Close up of Bow/Spear formation

Second Bow/Spear group

MC Hammer Corsair

3rd Corsairs group, this time with Shields
The Easterlings

Hero and Banner
Dalamyr, work in progress

That's how shiny Army Pinter Dip is by the way! I quite like it on these guys, so they are not getting anti-shine varnish.

In case anyone wants to know, all of the LotR figs, and the greeks below, are block-colour then dip- that's it.Well, The Easterlings were a little more involved- the metal was Calthan Brown, the 2 coats of Burnished Gold, followed by a Mithril Drybush. They were then also given a Thraka Green wash before the dipping.

Finally, I managed to get 1000 points of Greeks table ready, to try out Rick Priestley's new rules from Warlord in a few weeks. I'll let you know how I get on with them.

Hoplite Phalanx

Phalanx 1

Phalanx 2, with General

Phalanx 3

Light Infantry and Skirmishers


Thracian Peltasts


And that's it! Lists for all of these are slowly going up on (where all of my army lists hide)

So there you go- another week of painting- not bad for a Tinboy! Comments, as always, are welcome.

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