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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Best of the Web This Week 15/5/11

Hi all, 

So, what's caught my eye on the web this week?

Well, this stirred up a fair bit of discussion:
Interesting that GW have released their staff to talk about rules in a public forum.

I've also found a Podcast that I enjoy listening to- check it out!
Also- their Blog's really worth checking out. It's only been up a few weeks, but plenty of bits that interested me
OK- there's been some funky modelling work over the last 7 days:
There have been a few posts about plastic kits in the hobby (apart from Brian talking about Privateer's oily plastics :))
Rules wise, there's been:
A few more to wrap up:
Finally, I haven't mentioned these for a while, but go support them:

That's it for another week!

Thanks all- comments are welcome here, or even better comment on their sites!

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