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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Best of the Web This Week 01/5/11

Hi all, 

Another week, another set of posts.

First up- Jawaballs talking about the army he's building for Heroes of Armageddon:
Blood Angels by Jawaballs

Ian at Quarantine World talks about Space Marine Techmarines, and the differences between Chapters

Ron at From the Warp gives us the rundown on his re-built Chaos Lord

Hurricane Girl puts a Tyranid list together using her favourite models at Craftworld Iybraesil

Kirby talks about his views on list optimisation on his site

How your choices make people perceive you is discussed by GMort on Paincakes

Kevin Barrett  shows off his Romans 

Black Matt's been playing Malifaux, and gives us the rundown

There's an Army List Challenge on Warpstone Flux for everyone to take part in

Stelek has some ideas for vehicles in 40K

Finally, Zorcon's found some cool painting accessories at Zorcon's Word

Thanks all- comments are welcome here, or even better comment on their sites!

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