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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Update, Heroes and Thanks

I'm selling various bits and pieces on E-bay at the moment- partly to clear space (of which I have none), partly to help financially towards a house move....

And partly to help raise money for Heroes of Armageddon.

Basically, I'm going to donate 5% of any money I make to the charity- more if I can.

To find out more about Heroes of Armageddon, click the pic on all of my pages.

To find out what I'm selling, I've set up a separate page here or click the link to the right.

I'll also let you know that the planned Tyranids article will have to be put back, since a friend of mine has borrowed my models for a game, and I won't get them back in time to photograph! Keep your eyes peeled on "Coming Up" to see what I've got planned instead....

Finally, thanks to all of the new followers and everyone that's read this over the last week. Keep the comments coming!



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