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Monday, 25 April 2011

What's on my Painting Table

Just a quick update to show what I'm working on.

First off- the two-thirds done Space Wolf Predator:

Still working on this bad boy. The armour was inspired by the following : for the whitewash still working on getting this right really useful guide on freehand really good advice for metals for the grime love the look of the chips on this an awesome guide in general- and check out that Predator!

Then there's the Blood Claws unit with leader that I'm also doing

References I've used are: just in general not quite there yet, but figuring it out slowly so good I'll repeat it here... and I'll be using this next last but not least, a good link for metallics.

I'm still not happy with the faces on the infantry, and I think I went a bit far with the chipping on the Predator, but live and learn!

Just to finish up- here's a picture of a model that fits my painting from two years ago:

Those links really have been useful! Now if I can just sort out the lighting/camera issue.....

Cheers. Comments, as always, are welcome.

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