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Monday, 9 July 2012

Weekly Gaming Update

Hi all, 

Well, it's been a bit of a busy week. I managed to get in a few games of 40K with the bugs- which perform a damn sight better in 6th than they did in 5th. Monstrous Creatures boosts are great, flying monstrous creatures are even better and 30 Gaunts can actually tarpit enemies (finally!) There's no greater feeling than watching a squad of Paladins slowly trying to chew their way through a horde of Gaunts that just won't run, whilst they slowly get dragged down under a weight of numbers (30 Gaunts went 5 rounds of combat before being wiped, whilst accounting for 2 Paladins in return and wounding 2 others- most importantly, it allowed the Genestealers to get into position unmolested and finish the job.)

I also managed to play a little Lord of the Rings, Dwarves vs Moria. This time, the Dwarves lost- over the course of the game, my Dwarves were broken for the loss of 6 Goblins.... pretty poor performance from the stunties.

Painting , on the other hand, has been massively productive. The Nids saw the paintbrush again (so I'm now up to 5000pts painted!), the Forgotten Realms force is finished for LotR, my fledgling Khador force is almost finished. I even painted up some Battle Fleet Gothic, just for a bit of a break. While I'm on a bit of a roll I'm going to try and get some Marines out of my My Work in Progress pile, and back into a carry case- they've been hanging around for far too long. 

In other news, I took part in another Podcast with the guys at 6's to Hit, where we discussed 40K, gaming, and mail order deliveries- this should go live later this week.

I'm also taking part in the HoP Idol contest. Basically, it's a bloggers stand-off, with a public vote deciding who goes and who stays each round. Check it out, and vote for your 5 favourites (if you vote for me, great, but really- vote for your 5 favourites.)

Finally, I've been sorting out a regular schedule for All Areas, of which this post is the first glimpse. I'm going to try and mix it up a bit and go back to my roots, with Perspectives articles, Strategy and Tactics and a little review/ editorial stuff mixed in.

Comments, as always, are wecome.


  1. I don't play 'nids, but I'm glad to see a positive voice based on actual performance in a game.

    Game On!

    1. I've not had a game of sixth yet but I like the sound of most of the changes and I was talking to a guy in work today who said he's really enjoying it and he's a Marine player (Templars, I think). I've only read/heard wholly negative comments from tournament players. I'm looking forward to playing it because I was a big fan of 2nd and 6th seems to be a step back in that direction.

    2. Hey Spyrle, how's life over on wolftime? ( - and did I see you have a new blog on the go? ( - I'm assuming this is yours?)

      yeah, I've been rocking the Nids in 6th! There's going to be a more detailed post later in the week on Nids, but so far I've gone back to my original 4th Ed Nid tactics- hordes of Fearless Gaunts to pin the enemy in place, with some big bugs to do the killing.