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Friday, 22 June 2012

Warhammer Big Game Result

Hi all,

well, the big game happened on Wednesday. there were 8 of us, so 12000 points a side, evil vs good. It was set up as a Storm of Magic game, so that we didn't need to work out magic dice, mission and so on- 4 arcane nodes, 4d6 for the magic phase (split between 4 people) and the winners were the side with control of the most nodes at the end of the game (which was set for 11:00, so we had 4 hours to play and managed to get 4 turns in that time.)

It was a great game :). On the evil side, we had (running east-west) Ogres, Vampires, Dark Elves and Orcs, and on the good side were Empire, Lizards, Empire and Ogres. Yes, I ended up playing Lizards- with2 Slaan. Over the course of the game I lost all but 1 Vampire, 1 Wight King and 1 unit of Zombies. More on that in a sec...

There were loads of memorable moments. we had more miscasts over the course of the game than successful spells cast without- this resulted in the Empire Wizards dying from S6 hits suffered by Miscasts, Feedback scrolls, wizards turned into frogs and , my personal favourite, the solitary Butcher in the Good Ogre army turning himself into a giant gribbly monster. on the evil side, we started with 11 wizards of various stripes, and by the end of the game we had 1 (my vampire). It was truly brutal.

I'm not going to pretend that there were a load of tactics and strategies going on- there was far too much time laughing at the misfortune of various people at various times for that :) I think that the 2 empire players managed to roll 7 Misfires between them in 4 turns....

The high-point for my side of the table came in turn 2- when the Dark Elf Sorceress climbed onto one of the Arcane towers and cast Dance of Despair, reducing the Movement, Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Initiative and Leadership of ALL enemy models to 1 for a turn. I won't lie- having my Skellies getting pummelled, then suddenly rolling 1st in Combat and having the enemy fail all their Fear tests (Ld 1!) was pretty awesome. It also resulted in our ogre player firing the cannon, killing the Luminark of the Empire, and so panicking half the Empire army off the board.

Length ways view of the table

Eastern Empire army- yes, that's Karl Franz.

Lizardmen (bloody Slaan!)

More Empire

Good Ogres (finally, a painted army!)

Orcs and Goblins

Dark Elves, apparently with free Giant Arm?

Evil ogres

My Vamps

My turn 1 dead pile!

Mournfang Cavalry eat Karl Franz :)

The Ogre Butcher

Mournfangs break through the Orc line

Start of turn 2- the battlefield.

That was a full unit of Flagellants a moment ago...

So, I've got -1 to hit, Saurus to the front, Engine and Scar Vet in the flank, and I'm in a wood.....

The Empire army after 1 cannon shot (good ol' Ld1!)

Ogres and Monster-Butcher tied up with Trolls

the Sorceress responsible for everyone dancing

The winning Vampire :) Squaring off against a Scar Vet.
So a truly ridiculous, high points game with £80 worth of Pizza consumed and much laughter had. Great fun :) Oh, the winner... well, since I only had 1 Vampire and 12 Zombies left, it was aptly fitting that he was the only Wizard to be standing on a tower at the end of the game. 1-0 to us :)

I'll be down at the store again tomorrow, for a copy of White Dwarf and discussion about 6th Ed (yes, 6th Ed articles are due soon.)

Comments, as always, are welcome.

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