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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Spring Cleaning

Hi all,

Well, that's a slightly new look to the blog for you! Hopefully it's a little easier on the eye now- the background takes away the negative space that was present before, I've changed the link colours so they don't just disappear, added labels.... etc. Yes, lots of little tweaks have happened.

One major tweak is that I've finally sorted out the Blogrolls! There's now 4 of them, each with around 70 blogs, displaying 25 at a time. Hopefully this means that everyone on there will get a fair crack of the whip on display time. It's certainly better than having the previous display, which was trying to squeeze 300 blogs into 25 spaces! The next step really is to move the "high posters" (like Tabletop Fix and Colonel Schofer) onto a dedicated roll on the left hand side so that they don't block up the roll (as they do on my feed.)

So it's a bit of a new look, I'm slowly going back and labelling older posts, adding page-breaks and so on, but the bulk of the "work" is done, so I can get back to worrying about posts again. The one downside- at some point, Disqus vanished, taking all of the old comments with it! I've got it back, hopefully it will be able to bring the comments across (depends on whether I'd synced them or not!) but that seems to be the only horror story...

So now more than ever, comments as always are welcome :)

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