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Saturday, 30 June 2012

40K 6th- First Impressions- Weaponry

Only the Axe hurts Terminators
Hi all,

Well, after the monster post that was USR's, here's a short one on weaponry.

Most guns remain the same- all the old rules apply. Interestingly, Missile Launchers get an extra type called Flakk Missile, which is 48" Str 7 AP 4 Heavy1, Skyfire- so most Imperial forces have access to at least 1 anti-flyer weapon (Skyfire means that it shoots at Zooming Flyers and Swooping Monstrous Creatures at normal BS.) Not bad- it's nice taht they've thought about it, but Xenos players are going to be bemoaning the lack of Skyfire weapons until a Codex update arrives.

The big change is to CC weapons, which now have an AP value- so power weapons aren't "ignore armour" any more. Most of this doesn't make a huge amount of difference, so I'll just cover the Power Weapon type- Swords are Str user AP3 So they are good, but won't dent Terminators. Axes are +1 Str AP 2 Unwieldy. So they WILL kill Sv2+ models, but count as I1. The main difference between an Axe and a Power Fist then? You can use a pistol to gain +1 A with an axe. It's a small but important point. Power Mauls are S +2 AP4 Concussive, making Chaplains S6 but not ignoring power Armour- saved by the fact that any model hit (not wounded, hit) is I1 for the rest of the fight, allowing your I5 character to take out I4 strikers and give his unit a bit of breathing space. Power Lances are also in, and get +1Str AP 3 when charging (STR user AP4 other times) Any weapon that doesn't clearly fit into one of these categories counts as AP 3.

So yes, modelling for effect is important, and it's not just an aesthetic choice now. I have no idea what the overall impact of these changes will be, so playtesting is the best bet.

Finally, Grenades can now be thrown again! yes, after 15 years, the men, women and tentacled things of the Imperium have figured out how to throw a brick. they can also be used in Combat against Monstrous Creatures. Each grenade has a stat for throwing and assaulting (no, you can't throw melta bombs, yes you can plant them on a Carnifex.) Codex- Specific grenades can't be thrown, only the generic ones, and only 1 can be thrown per unit, up to 8". Still, for the first few months, I'm going to be throwing grenades with impunity whenever I get the chance just because I can!

Comments, as always, are welcome.


  1. The way I read Chainsword is that is still just a sharp stick with no benefits. Was kinda hoping to see an AP3 or similar. The heavy chainsword looks cool but is pretty powerfull and I suspect will not be getting carried by my guard sergeant

  2. Rapid fire changed little bit, two shots shot are half of total range, not old 12"... Don't change so much in case of most guns, but tau players are bit happier...

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