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Sunday, 3 June 2012

40K 6th Ed- Advance Thinking.

Hi all,

I don't know about all of you, but I'm incredibly excited for 6th Ed 40K! We know it's coming now that the old rulebooks are off the shelves, but no-one is really sure what's in the new rules- and that's great, from my perspective. Yes, I know the arguments in favour of advance notice to build anticipation. However, there is a counter argument- since GW started their "secrecy" campaign on new releases, their sales are up 5%- you can't argue with results (although I'm sure plenty of people will still try.)

What am I hoping for? Well, I'm mainly a Xenos player, so I hope that the Alien races are brought in from the cold- Tyranids, Tau, Craftworld Eldar, Daemons- all of them could use a little love from releases. The AP values on CC weapons sounds interesting, and I can see this making its way into the rules- the question I have is how will it affect vehicles? On that note, I'm fairly sure that significant changes will be brought to the vehicle and combat rules- we'll have to see what, but it will be fun figuring it all out.

The real question is- what is everyone doing to get ready for 6th? Personally, I've got a fair few Tyranids painted up, so they'll be seeing some action again. I'm also in the process of painting up the rest of my Marine Rhinos and a Land Raiser, so that I can get some boxes on the table and figure out what's going on. I'm safely assuming that the overall points will remain the same (Fantasy, you'll recall, see an increase from 2000pts as a standard to 2500- 3000 pts in 8th.) but there is the chance that I'm wrong, time will tell.

I suppose the biggest decision I made a few months ago was to play less 40K until the new book came out- I always get a little bit of a gaming hangover prior to a core release- I know that I'm playing with an old edition, and I just want to get the new rules out and put the old book away. When 4th Ed was on it's way out it pretty much killed gaming in my local group for 6 months- all everyone had was 40K, and we knew that the rules were essentially redundant, so gaming came to a standstill until the new rules came out, and this affected my hobby as well. This time around, I've been looking at other games for around a year while I've been expecting this release (they do happen every 4-5 years) so at the advent of 6th Ed, I'm genuinely excited for the new games I'll be able to play.

I must confess to being in the apparent minority- I'm hoping for a move towards the Fantasy rulebook, with pre-measuring, scenery rules, faster combat, streamlined movement et al. It's not really unusual- I've been a holder of Minority Opinions my whole life!

Anyway, the countdown is on- rulebooks normally leave the shelves 4-6 weeks in advance of a core release, so it should be any time between now and July 8th.

Just my 2 pennies on the whole thing- comments, as always, are welcome

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