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Monday, 16 April 2012

Hello Again...

Hello again!

Well, one house move, new job and finally a bit of time to get back to discussing wargaming!

So let's recap what's been going in the.... 6months? I've been on the QT:

Mantic are up with their new Sci-fi range. Please tell me that I'm not the only one excited about this?

Games Workshop have come up with new Necrons (finally), a few Fantasy releases (love the new Vamps), unusually a bit of Lord of the Rings and a whole Paint line.

Warlord came up with Greeks, lists for Hail Caesar and lots of juicy WW2 models.

Privateer keep supplying bigger and bigger resin Mechs.

Lots of other people have done lots of cool releases....

And Andy Chambers has returned to the realm of rulesets!

Quite a lot happens when you don't pay attention.....

I'm still sorting out models having moved so for now I'm keeping this post brief- just quickly, here's some of the things I'm working on....

Space Wolves and Space Marines for 40K
Vampire Counts for WHFB
Eldar for Epic
Greeks for Historical
Dwarves for LOTR
Painting competitions for the local store

Oh- and if anyone knows where to get a game in Bristol, UK, let me know!

Next update I'll be back to substance (promise!)- should be later this week.

Thanks to all the Followers who stuck around :)

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