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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

What's on the Table?- 14/06/11

Hi all,

Well, finally back to it :) Thanks to all of you for continuing to follow All Areas in my absence- I appreciate it.

Anyway- I confess that hobby took a back seat over the last few weeks (trying to quit smoking is not conducive to a steady hand, or good colour choices as it turns out!) but I did get a little done- on Epic Eldar of all things! I've a substantial collection of Space Elves kicking about since the days of the Chaos/Eldar boxed set (remember that?) and after seeing Future War Commander (FWC), I finally have a reason to paint them.

3000 points- 1 complete army, now just needs finishing!

What I have spent time on is reading FWC and also Hail Ceasar. FWC has potential to be a good game. Hail Ceasar- well, it ticks pretty much all my hobby boxes. I will be talking about this alot more in the future, but in the meantime- buy it, borrow it, read it; this is a fantastic ruleset and Games Workshop's loss is the communities gain it would seem- since it was written by Mr. Rick Priestley (amongst others).

A quick mention to say thanks to all those who voted in the poll- I have taken it into consideration, and will be working to make as many people happy in the future as possible (says the realist!)

That's it for this post- comments, as always, are welcome.

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