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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Best of the Web This Week 08/5/11

Hi all, 

So, what's caught my eye on the web this week?

First off, let's have a little light comedic relief
Everyone feeling happy and relaxed now? Good, because quite a lot of ranting was levelled at Games Workshop this week:
I get quite passionate about this sort of vitriol being levelled unrelentingly at GW's doorstep, and over the next week I'll be putting together an article putting over my perspective on the whole thing. I don't expect it to change any opinions, but I'll feel better for doing it.

OK, besides all of that, there has been quite a lot of cool hobby content on the web this week. :) There's been quite a bit of discussion about repetition and redundancy in list building:
All makes for interesting reading. we'v also been treated to a few scenery articles (more of this please, oh mighty Blogosphere!)
Two product articles caught my eye as well:
  • using glass to make snow,
  • and using folders to make wings
That basically ends the "themes" for the week- there are a few more I'd like to bring to your attention:
And finally- I started with comedy, so let's finish with Nostalgia:
That's all for another week. Note- I didn't bother posting up the links to all the Necron rumours out there- you've already seen them :)

Thanks all- comments are welcome here, or even better comment on their sites!

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