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Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Family of Games Workshop

It's the Royal wedding today, and being as I won't be able to escape it, I thought I'd pass some of it around :)

First up, the head of the family...

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh-

I will eat your soul

Rick Priestly

Nice beer!

Then the senior member who attracts a lot of undeserved hatred...

HRH The Prince of Wales-

Casual wear, Windsor style


Jervis Johnson

It's a Gothic Mr. Bean

The beloved first son...

HRH Prince William-

I've almost got that whole soul-eating thing worked out...


Phil Kelly

AKA the only games designer left

The slightly less-beloved son...

HRH Prince Harry-

Ginger soul-eaters just aren't as terrifying


Matt Ward

This is the only facial expression Matt Ward has

The people in charge of PR (and Trade)

HRH Duke of York (Andrew)

I have a real job


Mark Wells

The CEO of GW, hiding behind Chaos

Finally, the one that everyone forgets about:

HRH Duke of Kent (son of King George V)-


Andy Chambers


Note- there are no unicorns at Games Workshop!

Comments, as always, are welcome :)

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