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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Best of the Web This Week 26/4/11

This seemed appropriate :)

Hi all,

This is the first in what will hopefully be a regular series, talking about the articles I've enjoyed from others in the Blogosphere over the last 7 days (although, in this case, it will be from the last 11, going back to Sat 16th April.)

Please bear in mind that these are other peoples blogs- there may be explicit language or "unsuitable for youngster" material on them, or in the comments sections.

MWC: Livestrong Wargaming Project
Heroes of Armageddon- Visit it, let People Know, Donate

These two relate to the same thing- the Heroes of Armageddon Project. A collaboration between Dave Taylor , Jawaballs , Man Boy Genius , and Goatboy , it's a charity drive to support Doctors Without Borders. Follow the links above, or click the Heroes of Armageddon logo when you see it, and donate.

3++ Imperial Guard: Mobility- by Kirby

Kirby always puts out good-quality articles, and this was my favourite from last week- Guard players, check it out. In fact, everyone, check it out!

Imperius Dominatus. Theorist vs Realist- by Mercer

This article kicked off various trains of thought for me, and as soon as I figure out how to make them coherent and readable, I'll be posting something here. In the meantime, read what Mercer thinks about Math-hammer, Theory -hammer, the dangers of them and how to best use them. Interesting stuff!

The Brown Paintbrush: What is Life?- by Yermom

This just made me chuckle.

Fritz 40K: Tyranid 3*3 Devastator- by Fritz

Fritz has been trying to come up with a way to use the Tyranids Codex to good effect since it was released. these are his latest thoughts, and hopefully this time Games Workshop won't FAQ his ideas back to the drawing board!

From The Warp: Tools for Sponge Weathering- by RonSaikowski

Ron's done the hard work and tested various different tools for sponge weathering- check out his experiences, and recommendations.

Blood Angels by Jawaballs: Maximising HQ's- by RonSaikowski

Here's Ron showing a slightly more devious side- thinking about converting your H.Q. for advantage.

I See Lead People: Pizza Box Terrain- by Eli Arndt

For anyone that thinks they can't build terrain- check this out! Absolutely inspired (and a good excuse for junk food while gaming!)

Mik's Mini's: Clash in the Afghan Highlands- by Gyro

I really like the look of this gaming table, and the armies as well. Hopefully they'll take it to more conventions, so that I can get a look first-hand.

All Things 40K: Painting Gold- by Master Darksol

A handy, quick guide to painting large areas of gold to a tabletop standard.

Duke's Inferno: Elemental Armies- by Duke

An interesting new way to think about list building, inspired by the 4 elements. This time, fire.

Blood of Kittens: Meat for Meta- by TastyTaste

I've already put this up as a separate post, but I've included it here for completeness. Also, check out the other "Discussion" articles on Blood of Kittens.

Thanks all- comments are welcome here, or even better comment on their sites!

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