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Monday, 23 July 2012

Weekly Hobby Update

Hi all,

well, the good news this week is that I got a new job (I started training today.) The better news is that this gave me the perfect excuse for a week of hobby related activity!

So last Tuesday was another group painting session- I went back to the Space Wolves for a bit, since I now have 6.5K of Tyranids painted, 2K of Daemons and 2K of Space Marines- enough table-top ready models for a while, time to get my standards up again! Once again, it was a great session chatting and sharing techniques- I'm going to miss them over the next few weeks.

I got a few games in, and had a long hard look at Dystopian Wars- this definitely looks like something I should pick up and explore more. Dan has baggsied the British fleet, so I think I'll go German (Prussian) or French as a result. I also came closer to finalising a Tyranid list- a few more games in, and I've fallen in love with 2 Tervigons breeding Gaunts around the table- free tar-pits FTW! Stealers are also proving to be a handy bait unit... More on this on Wednesday, when the Strategy/Tactics article will focus on Tyranids and some of the ploys available to you. I'm now moving on to tinkering with Marines for a while.

On that note I acquired a few new models- 1 StormTalon, for the Generic Marines, and an allied contingent of Blood Angels. This allied contingent is a little OTT to be honest- 4 Jump Pack Death Company, Lemartes, a Reclusiarch (all with Jump Packs) in a StormRaven, towing a Death Company Dread. It's not subtle, but I'm hoping it will break quite a lot of face once it's painted.

No photos this week, since I only played against unpainted armies. C'est la Vie. That also, unfortunately, means no battle reports- but plenty of fodder for the Tyranid article on Wednesday :)

That's it for now- comments, as always, are welcome.

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