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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Aeternum Valete Imperator

Flashlights at the ready!
Hi all,

I didn't put up a painting table post yesterday- because I've been busy photographing models for sale!

Yes- in an effort to create space, and also raise a bit of cash for Heroes of Armageddon, I'm selling off parts of my collection. Today's focus- my Imperial Guard army.

This is one of those tough choice moments- I enjoyed the Guard throughout 4th edition, but I don't have the time amongst my other armies to update them to 5th! Also, I keep looking at converting Guard and starting again- making this lot a bit redundant. So, they are looking for a better home :)

Additionally, Jakk (the man that made all the lovely scenery in this post is selling his Imperial fleet for Battlefleet Gothic. Check out the lovely pictures here , or check out the regularly updating E-bay page here or just check back for post updates!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the pictures of the army.

Infantry and Command Squad
Infantry and Sentinels
Armoured Support

Leman Russ

Converted Basilisk/ Medusa

The loading crew

Second converted Basilisk/ Medusa- note the Zimmeriet tank tracks

Command Squad Chimera

Lascannon Support Team

Support team close-up

Mortar Support

The team get range!

Command Squad

The Sentinel Team, with variant HK Missiles

Sentinels Stalking

The first Infantry mob

More mob...

End of Mob 1!

Meltagun Stormtrooper squad

Melta- Command

Command HQ with Commissar

Commissar, Standard and, in the fore-ground, converted Plama-gunner


Guard Gun-line

Close-up of the Compact-Plasma Gun

Flamer Command

The spares! (With a few shotguns)

Later this week, my Chaos Daemons will be going up, and possibly Chaos Warriors (although the Warriors are unpainted, so no purists please :) )

Thanks- and comments, as always, are welcome.

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